Monday, February 11, 2013

Luna Park

This doesn't do the eyelashes justice -
they are massive!
After our afternoon at Bondi, we decided to have dinner and then hop on a ferry and go see Luna Park.  Riding a ferry is one of the musts for visiting Sydney - it's a great way to get around, plus you get great views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge.  We'd never actually been to Luna Park although it's face is such a fixture of Sydney Harbour.  I had always assumed it was like Coney Island.  However, I've never been to Coney Island, so now I assume that it's like Luna Park!  Naturally, Wills was quite keen to ride everything and Nathan couldn't have been dragged on a ride.  Luckily for Nath, it was rainy and expensive for ride tickets, so we just wandered around for a bit to get the whole experience.

The boys loved seeing all of the ride and were particularly taken with the trick mirrors.  Nathan thought being made to look short and fat was hysterical.  There's not much better than hearing their  laughter the first time we passed the mirrors.  I think we stood there for 10 minutes, even though it was raining.  It was worth getting wet for!

Not much exciting to really tell you about the park, but here are a few of my favorite shots - enjoy!

That ferris wheel was making some terrible noises!

Making the kids laugh

Sydney in the mist
See - like Coney Island!

After wandering around for a bit, we hopped back on the ferry and headed over to Darling Harbour for dessert.  The kids were thrilled for ice cream - I was happy to have a Flat White to warm up a bit!  Afterwards, we all wandered back to her hotel to crash into bed and fly out to Cairns in the morning for  quite the adventure in Port Douglas!

Night view of Darling Harbour - and no, I have no idea why there was a large rubber ducky

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