Friday, April 26, 2013

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Or, as we Americans call it, soccer!

Our next several months of Saturdays are taken up by the boys playing soccer.  It's fun, but there will be no sleeping in since Will has to be at the pitch at 8:30.  And Nathan has to travel every other Saturday - which means for the first time every we've had to split up instead of both parents watching!  I wasn't sure how that was going to go down, but Nath was thrilled to have his dad take him today.  Consequently, I only have pictures of Will's match today.

There's not a lot to say about Will's team - they're an Under 6 team.  That said, I've been very impressed with their coach.  He does an excellent job of keeping their interest at training and they actually pass and spread out on the field during the game.  He's a teacher at the local school, which makes a huge difference.

I think for this post I'll focus on different terms from the US and leave you with some pictures.  Obviously the pitch is what we'd call the field and it's not a game, it's a match.  Also, they're not shin guards, they're shin pads.  And don't you dare think of calling the shoes cleats!  I accidentally said that at sign ups and was jumped on by one of the coordinators.  I tried to assure her that we often refer to all shoes as cleats, however they weren't allowed to wear metal cleats - nor would I want them to, they are plastic "cleats" or turf shoes.  From that point on, I've made a conscious effort to refer to them as boots!

He's serious about the kickoff

Not sure which one of them kicked the ball,
but love the poses!
Did that kid push my baby?

Dribbling down the field

Getting in on the action

He even smiles when playing!

Incidentally, he's chosen the number seven for his jersey because he knows that was my number when I played.  What a sweetie!

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