Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

What a crazy past few day! 

For those of you who saw my Facebook post, we received an email from our logistics coordinator (who's in Singapore, by the way) asking us if our air shipment was complete and undamaged.  We couldn't say, as nothing had been delivered to us.  Concerned, I quickly emailed her back and discovered that our shipment had been "delivered" on Saturday - and this was Tuesday evening.  We were told that nobody really knew where our shipment was and research was being done.  I took a few deep breaths and figured worse case scenario, I was going shopping with the insurance money.  There were only a few irreplacables in the shipment - a beautiful picture of the Ohio River at sunset our Chancel Choir had given to us and a set of Kentucky photos beautifully framed from my parents.  I wanted these quickly to remind us of our home in KY.

Luckily our shipment was found on Wednesday and delivered to us Thursday afternoon.  Apparently there was some confusion between Williamtown, New South Wales (where Bri works) and Williamstown, Victoria.  Suffice it to say, they are nowhere close to each other.  Oh, how one little s will make a difference in location! 

The kids were thrilled to get there pillowpets and some other small items for there bedroom - blankets and stuffed animals, etc.  Nathan said it made Australia feel like his Old Kentucky home.  I'm glad it's helping him, as he is the family member I was most concerned about moving to Australia.  He is a creature of habit and not very flexible, which brings me to my next concern - school.

Nathan's teacher said he's having a slightly hard time adjusting.  Nothing behaviorally, it's just that he's overwhelmed with all of the differences.  A lot of travel done at the school is outside, including assembly, library, and chapel.  He has a buddy that's helping him, but his level of work is a bit behind the others.  This was a concern I had to begin with, as he just finished Kindy and was jumping in 3/4 of the way through year one.  His teacher was surprised that Nathan can't identify an adverb.  I told her grammar wasn't taught until later in the US and she was shocked.  She has come to the conclusion that our Kindergarten is a glorified preschool.  Unfortunately, I agree with her.  She couldn't believe it when she found out Nathan's Kindy was only 1/2 a day - which isn't enough to really learn much.  We are having a meeting with his teacher on Wednesday to discuss our options.  We may possibly move him back to Kindy so he can learn parts of speech, letter writing, and beginning multiplication. 

We could use prayers for wisdom to make the correct decision.  We know he's a smart kid, but when he's overstimulated he shuts down for "alone time."  I understand and respect that, however that's not an option at school.  I think when he becomes acclimated, he'll do fine.  However, if that right choice is to move him back down to Kindy, I'm fine with that as well.  The Year 1 and Year 2 classes are combined, so next year he might be able to be with most of the Year 2 kids.  We just want to see him flourish in school - academically and socially. 

Thursday Brian was hit on his way to work.  He was yielding at a roundabout and the car behind him didn't.  Nobody was hurt, but there was a decent amount of damage to his rental car.  And of course Brian doesn't have an insurance card, since his insurance is through his work.  Luckily Hertz had the info and it was quickly taken care and labelled as not his fault.  Brian asked if he should report it to the police.  He was told if nobody was hurt, then it's not reported.  If he did choose to call the police, they might come.  The lady who hit him was beside herself that Brian might even mention the police.  She thought that meant he was going to sue her.  He was able to convince her that he had no intents to sue, we just don't know protocol in Australia!

I promise that's all for the bad, or at least not good, news.  My mama also said not to do another post without pictures, so in the immortal words of The Daily Show, here is your moment of Zen:

He rocks a hat.
 This was a ranger hat from the Fort in Newcastle.  It's the only fort in Australia to return fire on an enemy, specifically on the Japanese during WWII.  The tour guides were incredibly friendly and were able to answer a lot of questions.  My paternal grandfather actually stayed in Australia during WWII for an illness.  I asked if they knew where the Americans stayed for sick leave.  The answer - Nelson Bay!  General Patton actually stayed down the street from our condo.  Nice to know our family has come full circle.

Wrestling on Little Beach
This beach is about a five minute walk from our condo.  They had way to good of a time!

Fingal Bay
The larger land mass is actually an island with a burned out lighthouse on it.  There is a spit at low tide to walk across, which we were going to do until we heard thunder.

We are on our way to Sydney for the weekend, so I'll have more updates and pictures soon!

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  1. Try not to worry about Nath. I'm sure it will just take him a while to get used to it. Going down to K might be good. it sounds like their K is like our first grade. I'm sure by the time you all come home, he'll be able to be with his age level in the states. Skype us soon! Gracie has been asking about you all. Take care.