Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wombats, and kangaroos, and wallabies - Oh my!

After the beach, Brian wanted to take us to Oakvale Farm.  It is a petting zoo where you can feed most of the animals.  The boys had a great time feeding the kangaroos and so did I.  It was fun watching them hop over to you and eat gently out of your hands.

They came quickly over to us.  This section of the farm had around 20 kangaroos wandering around.  The only other place we've seen that many has been on the golf course close to our condo.

The boys decided to move out from the main group to watch them jump.

 And off they go!  They truly were gentle, even when they became pushy.  I held my hand up high to see one stand up on it's hind legs instead of being on all four.  It wanted nothing to do with this and used it's paws to move my hand down to a more manageable level.

Nathan liked to get close to their ground level.  They were fairly soft and didn't mind being petted, as long as they were being fed.  I was surprised at just how friendly they were.

Next we were off to the Wallaby habitat.  They are a bit smaller then kangaroos and, in my humble opinion, have cuter faces.  I'm sure there is a more scientific explanation, but there it is in a nutshell from me.  Will especially loved the wallabies.

 Will didn't want to leave this little guy.  We had to promise him we'd be back eventually.  We were finally able to distract him with the highlight of the trip - a wallaby with her joey.

The wallabies that eat together, stay together.

Hello world!

Will got to close and the baby jumped back inside.

Pretty amazing to see, but glad I didn't have to have my kiddos attached to me anymore then they already were!

By this point the kids were getting tired, so we had lunch at Murray's.  It's a local brewery/winery that served an incredible lunch.  I had an Aussie Burger with all the salads (toppings), including beetroot and rocket (a specific type of lettuce).  In this area they put beetroot on everything, which is good for me!  This was the first meal I enjoyed.  Jetlag effects my stomach in a weird way. 

It was a great day introducing the kidlets to Australian animals.  We decided to go back to the condo afterwards for naptime and relaxing.  I had to rest up so I would be ready to drive on the "proper" side of the road the next day...

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