Sunday, October 2, 2011

Love Notes?

Nathan has gotten into writing his immediate family love notes.  They are very sweet, and not a bad way to practice his writing.  I almost daily get notes like this:

What a Sweet Boy

On a side note - when Nathan was learning to talk, he first called me mum mum instead of mama.  I accused two of the British ladies in our chancel choir of teaching him the "proper" way to say mom.  Nothing like a bit of foreshadowing in your life!

Fast forward a few days.  Brian's computer, per his words, crapped out and had to be sent to Sydney for a few days.  When he finally got it back several patches, anti-virus, etc. needed to be immediately processed, so his computer was still out for a day while it worked through what it needed to do.  Brian was in a pretty crabby mood about it.  So when Nathan said he was going to write me a note, I suggested he write one for his dad instead since he wasn't having a great day at work.  Here is what he decided to write:

I get points for not laughing

Needless to say, this certainly put Brian in a better mood.  It is now hanging up in his office, amusing all who see it.

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