Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday, Sporty Sunday

One of the biggest things we miss about the US (obviously besides family and friends) is American Football.  We are at least able to DVR a college game or two while we're at church, which is nice.  Unless Brian's watching UF get beat for the third time in a row, at least.

We did arrive in time for the start of the Rugby World Cup.  It has been fun to watch and, while not American Football, very entertaining.  Besides the insane tackling, every game we've watched has had at least one player sans shorts at one point.  We even got to see a streaker - and they don't censor in Australia.

The boys have enjoyed watching and cheering for the Wallabies, but they absolutely love watching the New Zealand All Blacks do their Haka.  The Haka is a Maori Dance - and a big tradition of the All Blacks.  Below is a video of their pregame ritual:

So we're currently at half time of the Australia vs. New Zealand semi-finals of the Rugby World Cup.  During the game, Nathan told us he was cheering for the Wallabies, but he was pretending to be an All Black.  Here are a few pictures:

Piri Weepu, in the back, leads the Haka

Tongue flicking is a big part of it

Not getting the intimidation factor
I also learned that Nathan knows the Australian National anthem.  When they began to sing, Nathan came running in yelling "That's Advance Australia Fair!"  He then sat down on the couch and sang along.  Apparently they sing it often enough at his school, followed by the school's Alma Mater.  In case you're wondering, he goes to "the best school in the southern hemisphere."

Here's hoping the Wallabies play better in the second half than the first!

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