Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Holiday Part Two

The day after Christmas the entire Jackson clan headed to the Newport Aquarium.  Last time the boys were there the acted less than stellar.  Needless to say, they were told that there would be serious consequences for poor behavior.  They behaved like the angels they appear to be when they are asleep!  Here are a few of the better pictures from that festivity.

but he was all about the drums

Jackson didn't want his picture by the tree....

Scuba Santa!
The boys loved Lorikeet Landing - which is funny because we live about 500 feet away from a Lorikeet preserve and constantly see them flying around our house.  However, they don't typically land on you like this!

I really am not a fan of birds that close! 

The day after the aquarium, we went to Union Terminal to see the train display.  Nathan loves trains and this was his request for holiday activities.

I love the architecture of this building

One of the murals inside

Not only did we get to see the trains, we also saw Cincinnati in the 1950's, if I remember correctly.  They did a wonderful job.
Crosley Field

Music Hall

Thomas, of course

Riding the train

Will is proudly wearing his new watch

From here, we were off to Brian's side of the family.  I will catch up with the third part of the holiday series tomorrow!

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