Monday, January 30, 2012

School Days

The boys started the new school year Monday.  They both have been ready to go since we came back to Australia.  Will has been especially eager since he's been wanting to go to school for the past year.

I think this is the definition of excited!

Nathan was ready to go as well.  He is ready to start Year One, although I am a bit apprehensive.  He is back in the class of the teacher who suggested he move back to Kindy.  While that was in fact where we wanted him to start out in the first place, Bri and I both felt that she moved him back a bit quickly - like she didn't even give him a chance.  I'm sure they are unfounded concerns, but we'll keep a bit closer eye on his progress and interaction.  Nathan, however, told us that Miss Wilson is his favorite teacher in all of Junior School.

We packed lunches and had everything organized the night before.  Both boys were up at 7am.  Nathan was even showered and dressed by that point.  It was an easy morning and I had plenty of time to take first day pictures.

Summer Uniform

Will has the Sports Uniform
I took the boys to school and dropped Nathan off at his class first.  He found friends and immediately  told me he was good and I could take Will to his class.  I gave him a kiss and hug and we were off to Will's class. 

I made certain Will knew where I was hanging his book bag.  Before I could show him where his water bottle was to go, he told me he was ready for school and I could leave.  I made sure he found his teacher and then I headed to where the morning assembly was.  Both boys appeared to be settled in and happy.  Since Brian had been working from home that morning, I called him and we met for coffee.  It was lovely.

I spent my first day childless in a really exciting way - I mopped and straightened up the house from the weekend.  I'm going to have to find some ways to fill up my days! 

I was a bit nervous to see how the boys would be after their first day.  There was no need, they both had great days!  They made some new friends and enjoyed their classes and were excited to go back the next day.

As excited as they were, it must have been a long day and they were tired.  Brian had to wake both of them up this morning while I was showering.  When I came downstairs to fix breakfast I couldn't find Nathan.  When I called for him he told me he was upstairs.  I asked what he was doing upstairs and his answer was "sleeping in your bed."  Poor little guys!  Luckily, they were still excited to go and once again kicked me out.  I told them I was happy they liked school, but it would be nice if they missed me just a little bit!

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