Monday, April 9, 2012

Rock Pools and Climbing

Some rock pools at low tide
Since Nathan had his school excursion, he's been dying to take us to the places he visited.  So far we have been to two of the three places.  His class has been studying wet and dry environments throughout the first term, so his class went to visit some rock pools at Kingsley Beach.  He told us about all of the creatures he had found in the pools.  I told him how I had always wanted to find starfish and other things in rock or tidal pools, so at his insistence we went exploring two weekends ago.

We set out on a beautiful morning at low tide and began rock hopping along the pools.  Nathan was quick to point out several Sea stars.

They are in the crevice of the rocks - kind of a grayish color.  There is water all around the sea grass and sea stars - it's just that clear.

We didn't find much else -  a few fish darting around and some decent size crabs.  Unfortunately, the crabs move too quickly to get pictures of unless you stand still for awhile, which doesn't happen with two boys!

We decided to do some rock hopping on the other side of the beach.  Brian had climbed on that side before and reported back that the view was amazing.  He was right.

Rugged coastline between Kingsley and Little Kingsley

The boys did brilliantly climbing.  They actually listened to what we said.  Although there weren't any places that were horribly difficult, they still could have gotten hurt if they hadn't listened.  I'm glad they did as it was simply stunning to sit and watch the ocean do it's thing.

I finally got the boys to sit still long enough to get a decent picture.  It's not my favorite picture of them, but it does give you some scale of how high up we were.

I love living in a place with some many things to do with the children.  There are so many beaches around here with different features - some rocky, some with dunes, and one where dogs run free.  I will try to get some pictures from this weekend up tomorrow.  It's taken me awhile to deal with taking RAW pictures and manipulating them, then changing them to JPEGs so they will upload, so I'm a bit behind.  However, you can look forward to a Koala and some interesting crabs!

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