Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sitting on the Dock

Saturday we decided to head down to the Soldier's Point Marina and wander.  It was a beautiful day and I was so glad we went out.  I got a great picture of Nathan, we saw dolphins, and they were able to chase some birds!

The boys were fascinated with the floating dock, even though they were a bit concerned with all the movement.  We eventually got them comfortable enough to just enjoy the moment.

Hanging with daddy

I finally got Nathan to let me take a picture of him.  He's terrified of waves so I can't usually get him too close to the water's edge, although he's doing a bit better.  We've tried to get him over it since we are living by the ocean.  I want him to enjoy where we are, but it's such a thin line between terrifying him and getting him to just deal with it.  Anyway, I feel like this photo captures Nathan very well.

A few minutes after this I caught what I thought were dolphins out of the corner of my eye.  We all looked and saw dolphins launching themselves out of the water.  They were a different shade then we're used to seeing - almost a gunmetal color.  They were beautiful, but of course they stopped jumping so high out of the water.  Here's the best I got.
The boys think this looks like a shark.  It's not.

Will was thrilled to chase a flock of seagulls.  It's one of his favorite things to do!

Here I come!

And there they go!

Have to get the next group as well.

Nathan even took a picture of us.  He loves taking pictures, but we usually end up with some wonky angles.

Exhibit A

I went ahead and cropped our legs out - they looked really odd.  And I'm clearly getting ready to say something, but it's nice to have any picture of us together.

Wednesday evening my photography class went out to do a night shoot at the marina.  It was pretty windy, so it was hard to get a decent long exposure, but I ended up with a few decent pictures.

Windy night

I like it when I can get what I want to happen.  I love the flag in this picture, especially that several of the stars are very visible.

I think I could really get into night photography.  I'm really looking forward to when we go to Sydney in a few weekends for the Royal Easter Show.  I should be able to get some of the pictures I've been wanting in Sydney.  Very excited for that opportunity!

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