Sunday, July 15, 2012

Baby, You're a Sparkler

Big kids (Brian) like to have fun too!
The boys loved my Wool Spinning pictures and were keen to try it themselves.  Convinced that spinning lit steel wool around on a chain was not the safest thing in the world for them to do, I promised them we could do sparklers on Independence Day.  They have done sparklers before and (mostly) enjoyed them.  Nathan is always a bit skittish of the large booms associated with fireworks, so I was pretty certain he'd be happier.  It took me a while to convince him that they don't actually celebrate Independence Day in Australia, but Nathan was finally excited to try out the sparklers.  Unfortunately, it was cold and pouring down rain that evening, so we had to postpone until weather and life cooperated. 

Last Sunday evening turned out to be beautiful.  There was a beautiful starry sky and a bit of warmth still hanging around.  I set up my camera on the tripod and off we went.  The boys had a blast! 

I tried to explain he needed to stand still.  I was unsuccessful.
Will waved his low enough that you could see his face

Nathan having fun

Nathan and Will together

All my boys together!

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