Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's Winter?

I've always hated the cold.  Long ago I told Brian that if we had to move, it wasn't going to be one inch north of where we were.  He took me at my word and now I'm where the average high in winter is close to 16 C, or 60 F.  Some days it's even warmer and we like to take advantage.  We were lucky to have several of those during the last school holidays.  We chose to head out to Zenith Beach on one of those days for an informal photo shoot.

Zenith is on the Tasman Sea, not the bay, so I had to coax Nathan to get even close to the water.  He hates any type of wave.  I'm not sure if it's because of the noise or he's just frightened.  That's why he looks unhappy in some of this picture, but I had to get the water in the shot.

A tripod was worth every penny it cost
I was hoping that would have turned out better, but Will looks annoyed as well.  What kind of mom am I, wanting to get a picture with my boys?  They were much happier after I let them play around.

I've been letting Nathan take some pictures with my camera and he's getting much better.  I'm even usually in frame!

I love the bush behind the beach.  This beach is next to Stephen's Peak, which we've been wanting to climb for awhile, it's just never quite worked out.

Pretty short entry, I know.  We've been busy hosting our first guests since we've moved down here.  Our friends Chris and Melinda stayed with us for several days and are in Cairns (pronounced like Cannes, I've discovered) presently.  We will be meeting them in Sydney.  I have lots of pictures from our adventures and am currently in the process of editing.  You will be inundated with pictures in the next post, assuming I got some good ones!


  1. I love Nathan's smile (without teeth-HA) and Will's annoyed look. Keep the pictures coming. Miss those boys so much!