Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bits and Pieces

It's been a bit since I've had a longer post.  It seemed like no one thing was long enough to write about, so I decided to do a post about all of the little things that won't have much continuity.  It seems like a lot has happened since I decided to do that post and I finally have some downtime tonight.  So, without further ado, here is a little slice of our life!

After meeting with Nath's teacher and the head of junior school, we decided to move him back down to Kindy.  It wasn't the easiest decision, but it seemed unfair to have him try and keep up with kids that have been in year one for 8 months at this point.  The school year only lasts about another 3 months, so we decided to make this an adjustment period for him.  Nath has a hard time with change, so this appeared to be the right thing.  However, like any mother, I was second guessing myself.  I really like to have confirmation on things, and luckily Go d is aware of that!

Now I don't really want to get "preachy" on this blog because that's not my purpose for it, however it's silly to think that my faith won't show up in posts.  I really love to see God act in the small things - it's a wonderful reminder that He cares about my day to day activities, not just the "big" things.  And what happened next seemed like a God moment to me.

Nathan was paired with a new buddy named Ashley.  The second day of Kindy, a lady asked if I was Nathan's mum.  After saying I was, she introduced herself as Ashely's mum.  She then asked where in the US we were from.  I told her Kentucky and she asked what part.  I replied that we were just across the border from Cincy and she asked if we lived in Newport or Covington.  I had a funny look on my face until she explained that she had been moved to Wright Patterson in Dayton for three years.  It's nice to be able to talk to somebody who has had the same experience as me and Nathan has someone to talk to who knows about the US.  We are planning to go out for coffee sometime just to talk.  God is good!

Here is the view of sunset from the second holiday rental we had.  It was a perfect location once we had a car.  Nothing wrong with having the beach as your backyard!

Next I was off to find someone to cut my hair.  I hated to leave my stylist Missy behind.   If anyone needs a new stylist in Northern KY, may I recommend her?  Missy owns The Fringe Salon and does a great job!  I wondered around downtown Nelson Bay for awhile and passed a cute salon a couple of times.  What sealed the deal was seeing a lady with great hair walk out of the salon.  I went in and we chatted for a bit and I made an appointment.  The owner was lovely and did a great job of cut and color with my hair.
Stupid face, I know, but it's harder to take a picture in the mirror than you'd think!

It's not that much different at the moment, but I'm trying to grow it out some.  It's very  windy here and my hair is always in my face.  Being able to pull it back will be a huge plus.

Below are a few pictures of my favorite beach so far.  The water is a beautiful aqua and very clear.  The beach is very wide and there are huge sand dunes behind it. 
Amazing colors

Nath is trying to like it, despite the waves

On Wednesday of last week we found out two huge pieces of news.  First, everything had cleared the red tape through Brian's work for us to move into our new home.  I absolutely love this house.  It is very modern looking, is open, and lets a huge amount of light inside.  The pool and spa in the backyard are a huge bonus and will be wonderful to host parties.  And as I stated in the last post, it's just wonderful to be able to stay in one spot.  Now we're finally able to cook our own meals.  Tonight we roasted a chicken and veggies.  Everything we've heard about convection ovens is true - I don't think our chickens have ever turned out so moist.

The second piece of news is that our house in the states is under contract!!!!  Now we're praying that everything goes smoothly between now and the end of the month.

I would be remiss if I didn't wish my father a happy (Australian) father's day.  Anywhere in the world, a girl couldn't have asked for a better father - love you daddy!

We celebrated Brian's second father's day this year with a new grill.  We have a gas hook-up for a grill in the backyard - perfect for barbies during the upcoming summer.  I guess since he's such a great father to the boys, I won't begrudge him two holidays, even though I only get one!

I hope this post wasn't too rambly, but I wanted to update everyone with our lives.  Nothing exciting, just our new normal!

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