Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's Maddness, I Tell You, Maddness

Mini-Maddness, that is! 

One of the things we love about Nathan's school is the well-roundedness (spell check is telling me I made this word up.  Oh well) of the education.  There is a definite emphasis placed on the arts, which naturally Bri and I love.  They built a Performing Arts Theatre last year so the children would have a place to perform, as well as community groups. 

A few nights ago, the Junior School (preschool through 4th grade) put on a Mini-Madd (music, arts, dance and drama and the mini is because they're well, mini).  It was a lovely night.  The teachers did a wonderful job with props, choreography, costumes, and timing.  The kids had a wonderful time and did an even better job.

A few highlights for me (besides Nath's numbers) were the preschoolers dancing to Singing in the Rain, Shel Silverstein's "Unicorn," and a acted out performance of a story about the jungle, complete with percussion instrument to imitate animal and insect sounds.

Nathan's class performed two songs.  Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take any pictures during the performance, so here are a few pictures from home:

"Arrrrre You Serving Captain Jesus"
Happy Pirate
They brought home the rest of their costumes yesterday after school.  I was glad because the fish costumes were adorable.  This was for "Octopus's Garden" which also had octopuses, jellyfish (clear umbrellas with streamers dangling down), mermaids, and divers.  Adorable!

Will wanted me to take his picture at the show, so here you go!

Cheesin' for the camera
At the end of the program all of the children sang "Let Your Light Shine" with the younger kids holding (fake) candles.  They were surprised by glitter cannons and chaos basically ensued.

We picked Nathan up at the end.  He clearly loved being on stage by the look on his face.  Well, that and he told us so.  He really enjoyed the applause.  Welcome to the club, baby!

I'll try to post Nath's birthday pictures tonight after he opens his presents.  He's very excited about turning seven today.

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