Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Don't Throw Bouquets at Me...

Nathan is doing very well in Kindergarten and has made several friends.  However, his favorite is Samantha, by a lot.  They are often running around together when I drop him off.  The other day when I picked him up they were holding hands coming back from chapel.  It didn't seem like a big deal - a lot of the kids hold hands walking to or from somewhere.  Below is a transcript of a conversation I had with Nath after school one day.

How was your day today?
It was great.  I played with Ashley and Bradley and Samantha.  Sammi is        my best friend.

I'm so happy you've made such a good friend in Australia.

Me too.  People like to say "Nathan and Samantha are in looove."  But were not, we're just best friends.

That's fine sweetheart.  You can be best friends with a girl if you want.

Mum, what's in love mean?

Well, I'm in love with your daddy and he's in love with me.  Aunt Suz and Uncle Randall are in love, as are Aunt Nancy and Uncle Scott and your grandparents.

OK.  I do not love Samantha.  I'm only going to be in love with you, mom.

That's lovely, babe.  I'm certain however that someday you will change your mind.

I will not!  I will only be in love with you forever!

That's fine, just don't turn into Norman Bates.


Oops, I just said that out loud.  Nobody baby - why don't you change out of your uniform and we'll go play in the hot tub!

Aaand scene.

Stellar parenting, I know.

Now, what would prompt kids in kindergarten to think about being in love?  I just forgot about it until I saw evidence that maybe this girl does have a crush on Nathan.

Exhibit A
Here is the inside of a card that Samantha made for Nath.  The outside had hearts all over it.  They are walking through a forest.  I particularly like the roots on the tree and flower.  Aren't they too young for this?

On a completely different note, is anybody who reads this good at identifying insects?  This thing is on the outside of my door, ensuring that I won't be going out to the patio any time in the near future.

Where is your husband when you need him?
For size reference, he (and I'm assuming it's male, girls aren't that gross) has a body size of 1 1/4 inch, and the antennae are about 1 1/2 inches long.  His head is read and, holy schmoley, I believe that is a curved stinger.  I googled his description and came up with nothing.  Any thoughts?


  1. I think Nath's first girlfriend sounds really sweet... and that as long as they keep it rated G Disney style, everything will be fine! Just take their picture on the off chance that they get married so it can be in the wedding slide show! =)

  2. Too sweet of a post. I can't wait to get all these questions thrown at me someday.

    What a sweet pic Samantha drew for Nathan. I think Nathan is "twitterpated" but definitely not in love. HAHA!

    Miss you guys. I'm exhausted and jet lagged from the trip so it's off to bed for me. Maybe we can skype tommorow?

  3. I wonder if there is anything there like a County Extension office? They might be able to help ID the bug.

  4. Love the end of the conversation! And seriously, ewww!! What a nasty bug!

  5. awwwww... bravo, excellent parenting with a twist!!! And, that is clearly an Australian bug that doesn't EVER need to make it's way to the States. I was thinking "katydid" till you brought up the stinger... do they sell the 25-foot spray range equivalent of "Raid" there? Get some.